got thanks?

I do!!!
As my most favorite holiday approaches, I have much to be thankful for...

After what has seemed like a very long struggle, painted hills is finally finished, mounted, & submitted for ATA's new juried small format Connections exhibit!
I think this tapestry really represents what the entire year has been about for me (which is about how long is has taken to complete). Although it isn't visually apparent just looking at it, both this little tapestry & my life this year have been filled with beginnings & endings, false starts, sorrow & joy, rethinking how to do things that have been automatic, & explorations. Life changed after Roux died, bringing Roger & Moka into our lives. I have come to an understanding about my parents' health issues & their emotions as people, not parents. I've formed wonderful new friendships & strengthened others that were evolving. I've journeyed to beautiful places. I am having new experiences. I will write more about these last few events near the year's end (my other favorite holiday), the time when I really love to reflect on what has passed & what is to come.

I am always filled with thankfulness when I think of Dennis & our home. I will never forget that he became such an important part of my life just as the knot in the end of my rope was about to slip through my hands. Because of Dennis, my world changed into something I never thought possible before, & that is still happening.

I now have much hope that I can feel proud to be American again, something I haven't been able to feel for the last 8 years. It is good to know we now have someone who isn't asleep at the wheel to guide us into the future. Obama has a huge, tangled mess awaiting him, but I have the distinct feeling he is chomping at the bit to get started untangling things. I know things are a bit grim now, but I see a shining future awaiting us.

Got turkey?