artist statement

The desert, austere and sublime, is my Muse. My handwoven tapestries explore this uniqueness and serve as a reminder of how exceptional these lands and their denizens are, for those who know and love them, or reveal their beauty to those who do not.
Naturally dyeing a portion of the wool I weave with is an integral part of my creative process, especially since I collect many indigenous dyestuffs myself. The progression of natural dyeing becomes a spiritual alchemy and the colors obtained are precious gifts that enhance my weaving palette with their subtle and vibrant hues. Many materials and fibers may find their way into my tapestries as the design and effect I am seeking warrant-- commercially dyed wools, cotton, bamboo, silk, rayon, linen, waxed linen, sea silk, fishing net, silk wrapped steel --and perhaps more I have yet to discover.

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