welcome to desertsong studio!

This is the back ramada where I do natural dyeing & these skeins are the result of my first dyeing session of the year, back in May. The fibers included in this batch were wool, for tapestry & rug weaving, alpaca, & silk. All are naturally dyed, some with plant materials harvested from our 5 acres here. I respect all plant life & do not kill any plants during collecting, unless they are parastitic & need to be erradicated. With our 100+ degree temps in the summer, dyeing is best done in the spring & fall.The next dye session is tentatively set for November!


David said...

That is such a beautiful photo. Those colours! Thank you for sharing.

lyn said...

Thank you, David... I am also thrilled every time I look at it & every time I weave with those yarns! It is still amazing to me that people somehow discovered that certain roots, leaves, & flowers produced dyes that are not only permanent, but are so brilliant!