2007 - a fresh new year, a fresh new tapestry

monochrome macro series: agave

As the new year begins, I have a great start on my weaving goals! My first piece of the year is completed & it is the first in a new series of four I have planned.I wove this from a macro digital photo I took of a leaf of one of our agave plants. During growth, the leaves unfurl from the center rosette, revealing impressions of their marginal spines on the surfaces of the younger leaves underneath. These are the actual colors of the agave.... nature's "natural abstract"!

I am submitting it for consideration to be included in the Intermountain Weavers Conference sponsored exhibit Fiber Celebrated 2007, held in Durango, Co this July.

detail of monochrome macro series: agave

More completed works to be added soon...

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Jun said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting!
I posted a picture of the finished tapestry:

Your tapestries are amazing! Weaving is definitely much more difficult than I first imagined it would be.