geometry + wool = tapestry?

Gather the following ingredients: golden squares & rectangles, equilateral triangles, harmonic subdivisions, palindromic sequences of Fibonacci numbers. Add a dash of Johannes Itten's color theories. Weave in some wool. What do you end up with? A taste of what it is like to experience one of James Koehler's Color & Design workshops! And an experience it is, one which I would highly recommend to any weaver who is serious about taking her or his weaving to the next level. I had the good fortune to attend his 5 day workshop which was held here in Tucson at the Desert Weaving Workshop. Koehler is well known for his exquisite geometric tapestries, but the content of the workshop can be easily applied to any style of tapestry, whether it be geometric, intuitive, or representational.

James demonstrates technique at the loom.

The workshop palette.

Although I am tired, my mind is still buzzing with all that I learned & with pondering how I will use my newly gained knowledge in future projects! To view more photos of this workshop experience, visit my flickr site.

I'm anticipating future opportunities to attend other workshops he teaches, but for now I must return to my own loom as I have weaving to attend to!

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Jessica said...

I'm interested in the geometric exercise you did for the workshop and have emailed James Koehler to see if he'll do an online workshop!

I'd love to hear more about that tapestry from you!