summer is coming & life is good

The white winged doves have arrived in full force, calling "who cooks for you?" all day-- a sure harbinger that the heat is on.....

More signs of summer, as the desert swings into full gear, with everyone & everything trying to get their blooming, pollinating, mating, & nesting done before the real heat descends...

Our first saguaro blooms are opening, which will soon turn to red, juicy fruits. A white winged dove usually starts sitting on top of the saguaro arms, monitoring the ripening like a nervous chef. The birds will peck holes into the fruits to stuff themselves, sometimes the smaller birds even upending themselves inside the holes to get every morsel!

The pizza pan cactus' blooms glow ethereally in the late afternoon sun. They are a species of "paddle" cactus whose pads are the size of pizza pans & sometimes larger.

Our pomegranate is loaded with its thick, waxy blooms, which quickly begin to form the fruits. Their hulls make a wonderful bronzey green dye & it looks like I will have a bumper crop this fall.

My new website, www.desertsongstudio.com is up & running!!! My web hosts, Other Peoples Pixels have a wonderfully easy & beautiful set up that makes it fun for someone like me who wants to DYI on a budget. The nicest webhosting package I was able to find, & I am very pleased with the results.
I will be packing my bags to head for the American Tapestry Alliance's silver anniversary bash on Friday, & I am very excited to be going. I will be submerged in a sea of tapestry & fiber, & I won't want to come up for air!
For now though, I am looking forward to a very lovely dinner tonight with my very significant other, Dennis, as we celebrate 14 years of life together.

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