a touchable tapestry


smooth, silken, soft

rough, ribbed, ridged

thick, thin, thirled

desert life fragments

human made trinkets

tangible & visible feast


tapestry13 said...

Very elegant, Lyn...congratulations on presenting such a beautiful and thoughtful piece.

J. Austin - said...

This piece must have been a lot of fun to plan. I'd love to touch it!

I like the new look of the blog too.

I can NOT believe you found that cephalopod fossil just lying around. Amazing! Spirals are so magical. I have a collection of moon snail shells, and I keep hoping if I get enough of them I might find a "left handed" one. Apparently the spiral can go the other way, but it's pretty rare.

Anonymous said...

inspirational and exciting, looking at this tapestry has made me want to get on with clearing out the 'stuff'which is blocking up my workroom and to tie on a warp or two and get weaving again.