week 2 - lizards scamper & construction continues

The last of of the prickly pear blooms open, white-winged doves incessantly call "Who cooks for you?", the first cicadas begin their metallic drones, & lizards skitter about as the heat of summer settles in. Now will be the rare day that temps are below 100 as the desert bakes & waits for monsoons to arrive in July.

No new progress on the studio construction this week, as the focus has shifted to preparing the slab for the new garage. I am happy & excited about the new studio, yet I feel slightly unsettled & on edge since my big loom is bare.... I cannot concentrate to prepare the next tapestry since my energies are directed at managing the construction process & resourcing necessary accoutrements for the studio. Framing of the new garage will be next, which I hope will then be followed by running the electricity & finishing the studio's interior. Soon, I keep telling myself, soon....