week 3 - i've got the sweetest hangover

bliss [noun] -

1. complete happiness: perfect happiness

2. spiritual joy: a state of spiritual joy

cereus expectations

This is how I've been feeling since attending the artist's reception for the Queen of the Night & Sea of Cortez exhibits at Tohono Chul this past Thursday evening. And the hangover is from sheer excitement, not alcohol or illicit substances (those days are long over!). It was the first reception I have been able to attend as a participating artist-- I have 2 tapestries included, 1 in each exhibit... cereus expectations & desert island- espíritu santo.

desert island - espíritu santo

I only expected to actually know a couple people there, but many of my weaving guild "sisters in fiber" attended to show their support (thank yous to those who I know-- Barb, Mary, Lura, Adrienne, Evelyn, Marie Lynn, Barbro, and also to those whose faces I recognized, but who I don't know well yet), several very good friends, & my husband Dennis! Within the first 30 minutes of the reception's opening, already in the process of being swept away by seeing & conversing with so many I knew & wowed by the beautiful & amazing works by all of the other artists, I was shocked & delighted when desert island- espíritu santo was purchased by Mary as an "early birthday present" for herself. My very first tapestry sale!

Words are so very inadequate to express how I felt during the course of the whole evening-- the anticipation of arrival, that first glimpse of seeing my tapestries formally displayed, animated conversations, being able to talk about my tapestries with those who were curious about the process (it is a mixed media exhibit, but mine are the only tapestries in it!), meeting other artists. I was so involved in the many conversations, I didn't get to see all of the other works, & refreshments were long gone by the time I could make it to the table! So, dinner ended up being the 1 glass of wine I did manage to snag & a bowl of chocolate hazelnut gelato with Dennis & few friends after the reception closed. I will have to return so I can really see the exhibit!

What a very needed lift after an extremely full week --- in addition to the excitement of the artist's reception, a collaboration I've formed with Kathy Perkins, an accomplished New Mexico tapestry weaver I recently met at ATA's Silver Anniversary symposium, resulted in the initial kick-off to found Desert Tapestry Weavers, a regional tapestry group, and the completion of the 3rd week of my new studio construction . All of this is helping me to resolve my patience that soon the upheaval of the building process will all be over & I will have a new studio in which to weave more tapestries & continue on my weaver's journey. As I write, I hear the electricians running the wiring for the outlets & lighting in the new studio, & I am kept company by the small 4" square tapestry I have on my Mirrix, peace dove (the design came from a pin my mother & then later I wore on our student nurse uniforms), which I am weaving for the Peace Project.


tapestry13 said...

Congratulations! Sounds like the exhibit is a wonderful experience and a sale--fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the peace dove.

K Spoering said...

You're on a creative roll, Lyn! Keep it up, it's terrific. Congratulations! Kathy S

meabh said...

Congratulations Lyn! What we do isn't about money (just as well) but when someone chooses to spend their hard earned on something one's made it does feel good, doesn't it?!